Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Bigga Than Muzik Youtube Commercial - CHECK IT OUT!!!



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Monday, August 31, 2009

M-Dash Featured on Arsen New EP titled "Got That Feeling"

The artist formerly known as ARSEN now goes by NESRA. He has a highly anticipated new CD dropping Sept 8th 2009 on all digital retailers. Nesra also plans to leak 2 songs from this EP weekly on YOUTUBE with the 1st 2 tracks leaked last week; Support this Bay Area Artist.

Tracklisting for "Got That Feeling"

1.Say No More
Produced by J-Moe of Project Room Ent.
2.Quick 2 Assume
Produced by Remy of Remaq Productionz
3.F.Y.P.M featuring KAP10, KRYPTO, MDash
Produced by eNocz
4.Old School
Produced by King Rich of Dice Game
5.No More Tears
Produced by Taz Twisted
6.The Team featuring Mista Cane, YB
Produced by Demon
7.West Coast Unified featuring Sean T, Mista Cane
Produced by Davey D (DCOHN) of Pervelous P Ent
8.Get Carried Away featuring The Jacka, Jonny T, Mista Cane
Produced by Davey D (DCOHN) of Pervelous P Ent
9.I Ain’t Even Tryin (BONUS)
Produced by T1 of G.I. Productz


Monday, August 24, 2009

For Immediate Release: Bigga Than Muzik

For Immediate Release

For more information, contact:

Miles Aaron

2307 Fenton Pkway # 107-8

San Diego, CA 92108



M-Dash & Sactownradio.com are “Bigga Than Muzik”

Vallejo, CA 8/24/09- The Bay Area has long been known for turning out incredibly talented artists and setting trends that the rest of the industry follows. With the release of “Bigga Then Muzik” M-Dash has kept to this tradition and released a project that is not only filled with classic music but also sets a whole new trend in a ever changing music industry. Joining M-Dash on the release of the CD is the Bay Area’s favorite online radio station SactownRadio.com and handling hosting duties is his longtime partner in rhyme Kobra Abysmal.

M-Dash is no stranger to the Bay Area music industry having ran his own record label for the past decade and releasing a number of projects. As an artist he has released solo records and gained fame in the Bay Area as one half of the group “The Natural Born Dankstas.” Through his record label M-Dash has released a classic catalogue of music that includes his recent group project with “Bigga Than Muzik’s” host Kobra Abysmal “The Dummy Duo.” After the release of “Dummy Duo” M-Dash immediately set out to build upon Kobra’s name as a Bay Area artist and teamed up with Internet Radio Station SacTownRadio.com to release “Bigga Then Muzik.”

Sactownradio.com has established itself as the premiere online radio station for new and fresh music out of Northern California. Instead of following the trend of other radio stations that played follow the leader Sactownradio.com created their own lane for success premiering new music from the Bay Area’s favorite artists and giving the fans exactly what they wanted. With a longstanding relationship between M-Dash and Sactownnradio.com which has included M-Dash hosting his own show on the station it was no wonder that they would team up to release the heavily anticipated “Bigga Than Muzik.”

A native of Vallejo, CA Kobra Abysmal has long been known for destroying other artist’s songs with his aggressive delivery and memorable lyrics. Whenever he walks into a room he commands attention and if you didn’t know him before you will be the time he leaves as his outgoing personality and larger then life personality always makes him the center of attention. These personality traits combined with the success of “The Dummy Duo” made Kobra an easy choice for M-Dash & SactownRadio.com to act as host and appear on nine tracks on “Bigga Than Muzik.”

“Bigga Than Muzik” features a who’s who of artists making moves in the industry today including; M-Dash, Kobra Abysmal, Akon, Mistah FAB, Jacka, San Quinn, Andre Nickatina, Husalah, Spice 1, Michael Marshall, Matt Blaque, Bueno, Clyde Carson, Raulie Baron, Rydah J Klyde, Young D Boyz, Lee Majors, Big Hollis, Roddy Bo, Trey C, Baytastic, Pretty Black, and Tilt. Combine this heavy list of features with mixing from the Bay Area’s favorite Mix-Tape DJ Boy Wonder and you have 30 songs of continuous slapping Bay Area music, sure to prove to you why this project is “Bigga Than Muzik”

M-dash can be contacted at his myspace; Myspace.com/mdash707 and Sactownradio can be found at the website Sacrtownradio.com. “Bigga Than Muzik” will be available at Rasputins, Dimples, Vallejo and Frisco Street Show, Rock Bottom Records, Back Door Disc, www.cdbaby.com , and www.rapbay.com.

M-Dash featured on the cover of "Boss Status" magazine with The Jacka and Nump

Be sure to get your copy of the anniversary issue of Boss Status magazine. M-Dash is on the cover with Jacka and Nump. Magazine also features DJ Rick Lee, DJ Fresh, DJ Juice, DJ Vlad, etc.....


Friday, August 14, 2009

Review of Moeses Soulright's (bka Young Moe) "Delicatessen" Mixtape

Review of Moeses Soulright's (bka Young Moe) "Delicatessen" Mixtape


Review of "Delicatessen" Mixtape
Moeses Soulright II / Mixed by DJ Mark 7

Moeses Soulright the 2nd, or the artist formerly known as Young Moe, brings us his latest mixtape release entitled "Delicatessen", a long-awaited debut album from the rapper hailing from the 415/650 area. This introductory mixtape packs 27 track altogether, 3 of these being bonus tracks. The entire album mixed by the legendary DJ Mark 7, who's work is well known throughout the bay area rap network and beyond, blending each track intro the next with a smooth transition each time and adding a few shout outs from some of rap music's finest.

Moe pays homage to life and the streets through his gangsta-style hip-hop, with dusty jazz bar undertones and an rnb melodic pimp infusion.Tracks like " Fillmore Nights " and "Im Gone " show this albums smooth and smoky,black n mild jazz side.
Lyrical creativity is diplayed throughout the album..for example
on "Gone with the Wind" moe states

"...And they wonder how I acquire amazing stealth,
Emotion running like lava I aint afraid to melt
Constantly stomaching evil, like satans belt
......all my people be gangstas, I be saving hell,
I like them cats that aint afraid to tell me truth
......instead of ones who talk like they tryin to sell me shoes"

"Hoe Season" and "All We Do" featuring Skee has the team going hard on them hoes lettin' em know what's really up. "Roots Reggae" , "Fingerpaints" , and "Battle Raps" show the broad vocal pitch and range that Moe has , the rnb jazz influence giving the album a good balance.
While tracks like "All You Can" brighten the album with a glipse into lighter side of life and with an upbeat toe tapper..introducing a few of Moes associates K'Leone and Rud Dog.

"The Sco" allows you to get to know San Francisco a little better through the eyes of Family Tyz, and Skee, while producer Unkle Sam put together a backstreet banger for the trunk.
Young Rebz also makes an appearance on "Cupcakin" , a dark melodic song with Moe once again showing his versatility and Rebs bringing that Richmond-based heat.

The cadillac knocker of the album is "Cold Pimpin", a rumbler of a track produced by Has...Moe gives hoes the back hand and cold shoulder over a bumpin bassline without missing a beat.
"The Story" and "Mom's Song" reflects back on growing up, ambitions, and takes you a few steps in the shoes of Mr.Soulright..paying respects to his upbringing.
If I were to select a radio ready single from this album, I'd recommend you skip to track 18. "One is the Loneliest Number" the sample on the chorus fits perfectly with the uptempo jazzy hip-hop rolling instrumental, a catchy track bound to stick with you.

" Walked out the house, no ride..... so im walking alone,
in a city full of strangers... so I thought of this song,
....if you ever felt alone then this song is for you....
I had aggression but im letting it all out in the booth"

Prepare to lean back with "Peacoat in 100 Degrees" featuring Skee and Des Real, a solid slumper for the summer.
The 3 bonus tracks included are some of the best of the album. "Aint For You" is aimed at unravelling the ups and down of relationships. "Fuck Dem" Moe speaks on the real and fake in life...While "Rest in Peace Rap" rips into you and exposes the oversaturation of the rap genre with a deeply moving message.

I give this album a 9/10 overall...there are no perfect albums, but this does come relatively close. Offering a wide range of styles and sounds, topics and tempos...a well rounded reality-based release, and easily one of the better releases of 2009 so far.The production fits Moe's style and persona almost perfectly, I can play this album all the way through without having to skip a track, which is something I've only been able to do with less than 5 releases this year. Some may not be able to understand the depth of what Moe is speaking on during their first listen..leaving something new to be discovered with each listen.

If you aren't aware of who Moeses Soulright II is, this album will engrave his image into your memory. Be on the lookout for this album coming soon.

Criminalogical Entertainment Reviews

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

M-Dash Featured on "All Rap Aint Bad" Vol.1

M-Dash is featured on "All Rap Aint Bad". This project is presented by Kontac and was put together for the bay area school system. The project features artist like E-40, Mistah FAB, Keak Da Sneak, The Hoodstarz, Laroo, Dru Down, The Jacka, and many more.....All Rap Aint Bad is dedicated to the kids.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

The New Baysick Clothing Mixtape, Hosted by M-Dash

Here's a lil info on Baysick Clothing's mixtape. ***Available: 5/5/09*** FREE with any purchase here or $5 shipped if you wish to purchase the mixtape by itself. (Hosted By: M-Dash) 01. M-Dash - It's All So BaySick (Intro) 02. Trey-C/Ya Boy/Glasses Malone/Matt Blaque - Showboatin' (Remix) 03. M-Dash/Tilt/Rux - Dumb Ass Music (Exclusive) (Prod. by Remy Remaq) 04. Mac & AK - Boss Like 05. Droop-E Drop 06. Macnificent/Beta Bossalini - Sidewayz Swanger 07. Indecent/Krypto/The Network - I'm Hungry 08. Jack Tracks/San Quinn - Game For You 09. Locksmith - Toss Up 10. Moeses Soulright the 2nd/Akon - Never Look Back (Exclusive) 11. Playa Rae - Welcome To The Zae 12. Stik Gilatine/Young Rebz - Loot 'N Dollaz 13. Savino Gambino/Mr. Kee - Pimpin' & Homicides 14. M-Dash/YG - We Dankstas (Exclusive) 15. Fly Street Gang - Fresh 16. John Brown Drop 17. Krypto - What The Future Holds 18. M-Dash/Moeses Soulright the 2nd/Roddy Bo - All Day (Exclusive) 19. Mac & AK - Throw Ya Shoulders Back 20. Da Tykoon/Les Gimix - I'm Good 21. Trey-C/Crooked I - Prove Them Wrong 22. Playgyrl Slim - A1 23. Savino Gambino/Mike Marshall - Gotta Get It 24. Chree/J Smoove/Wobble/I. Diddy - Bayyy www.baysickclothing.com

Monday, March 30, 2009

New Track from the upcoming "Dashus Clay" Album

We got a new exclusive track for ya'll from the upcoming "Dashus Clay" street album....Featuring Oakland Rap Artist Roddy Bo...The Dashus Clay Album cover will be posted soon.
M-Dash Featuring Roddy Bo “Over Here”

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Text MDASHMUSIC to 69937 (MYXER) to get
M-Dash's content directly from your phone.

Myxer URL: http://www.myxer.com/MDASHMUSIC/

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

Suge Knight Face Fractured In AZ Assault

Marion "Suge" Knight was treated at a local Scottsdale, Arizona hospital, allegedly for broken bones in his face, after he was assaulted by a man associated with R&B singer Akon. Police were called to a private party hosted by Akon on the second floor pool area of the W Hotel around 3:30AM this morning. Hotel security expressed concern to local police that an altercation was brewing between two parties in the VIP area. As officers arrived, they witnessed one person identified as Robert Carnes Jr. punch Knight in the head two times. Officers used tasers to break up the fracas and later arrested Carnes Jr., 38, of Pennsylvania and another suspect, Thomas Leon Anderson Jr, a 33-year-old resident of California. Knight was transported to SHC-Osborn hospital, where he was treated for several broken bones in his face and released. Anderson was charged with one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct. According to Scottsdale police, Carnes Jr. is charged with one count of felony aggravated assault, due to the severity of the Knight’s injuries. Both suspects were booked into Scottsdale City jail and are being held in custody.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We got the brand new single "Can't Breathe" featuring Bay Area R&B artist Raulie Baron, Produced by BC. This new song is from the highly anticipated 3rd solo album "Grown Folks Music". The new single can also be heard on the myspace page www.myspace.com/mdash707

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Street Single: M-Dash Featuring Tilt - Obama

Check out the brand new street single from M-Dash Featuring Tilt titled "Obama". This track is produced by Remy Remaq. Its black history month and we have a black president. So it was only right to release this track for free download.

Download and Listen to the Obama track right here
M-Dash Featuring Tilt - Obama

myspace link: www.myspace.com/mdash707

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here's a review me and Trey C received from Street Masters Magazine, for the "Knockout Mode Mixtape". The issue is available now, Mike Marshall (I Got 5 On It) on the cover! Scan coming soon, but for now here's the text. FREE download link below for "Knockout Mode" as well as, a new track featuring the 2 of us . Leave a comment and let me know your own opinion of the mixtape.
medium M-Dash & Trey-C "Knockout Mode" Mixtape Platinum Bound Ent/Indie 500 Music 3 1/2 Bullets
M-Dash once again doing a Group project. This time with Trey-C. Let me just start out saying there is a song on here called "Hard Work" featuring Young Gentleman that is hot. I can relate 100% to that song and it is in my regular rotation. This whole project is put together really well. It is recorded, mix, engineered and mastered better then most Bay Area artists albums (mine included). The songs I like the most are the for mentioned "Hard Work", "Good Intentions", "CAL" and the title track "Knockout Mode". I am more into tracks with singing soulful type chorus, but they got that fast paced, heavy 808, go dumb music on here for the 80's and 90's babies. This is a project that has a little something on it for everyone. You know with M-Dash pushing it that it will do some units and have awareness, as this man goes harder in the lane then any other Bay Area artist with his promotions. On that note I also want to tell you to check out M-Dash radio show on www.sactownradio.com called "Cannibus Sessions". This cd as really put me up on Trey-C, and I will be looking out for more of his music. One thing I liked about Trey-C was that his flow was mature, and his voice is kinda similar to Young Dru. Keep grinding M-Dash & Trey-C.
M-Dash & Trey-C - Knockout Mode Mixtape M-Dash feat. Trey-C - Too Much

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

M-Dash - Po Broke and Hungry (First Solo Album)

MP3 Po Broke and Hungry - HIP HOP/RAP: West Coast Rap

This album featues the Hottest artist in the streets right now, Aftermath Artist The Game is featured on 2 tracks on this release. Po Broke and Hungry Features The Game(GUnit), Cellski, Jacka, San Quinn, Sean T, JT The Bigga Figga and more. 22 trunk rattl<...>


Sunday, January 18, 2009

M-Dash Featuring Trey C - Too Much (Exclusive)

We just hit the lab and knocked out this song. Basically talking about the stress and struggles that people are going thru these days due to the lack of jobs, recession, etc. We will be posting alot more exclusive music. Also remember to download the mixtape Knockout Mode if you havent already , its located on the right side of the blog.

M-Dash Featuring Trey C – Too Much (Exclusive)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make Sure to Watch American Gangster Tonite on BET as it features MAC DRE AND THE ROMPER ROOM GANG


Reign: 1990s
Business: Bank Robbery
Region: Vallejo, Calif.
Claim to Fame: Robbers Turned Rappers
Downfall: set crimes to music
Sentence: 5-20 years
Status: Mac Dre was murdered
Lesson: Don’t keep the music that real

This group of notorious homegrown bank robbers, from the troubled Bay Area suburb of Vallejo, robbed dozens of banks in that area in the mid-’90s. Convicted rap artist Mac Dre was among the gang’s friends and fellow travelers. After serving five years in prison, Dre emerged as a major underground figure in Bay Area hip hop and nurtured the careers of several other “romper room” robbers-turned-rappers as well, putting Vallejo on the map as a center for music and gangster-dom. Dre and his cohorts also developed a big following in Kansas city – where he was murdered after a concert in 2004 – allegedly by a Kansas City rapper he once worked with, named “Fat Tone” Watkins, who’d recorded a rap song insinuating his involvement in the crime. That set off a revenge killing, as “Fat Tone” was killed in Las Vegas.

Since his death, Mac Dre has become an icon in the Bay Area, and especially in Vallejo, where violent crime remains out of proportion to its size and locale and which recently made headlines as the first city in California history to declare bankruptcy. Dre’s legacy is carried on there by former friends and partners in crime who are now blazing new paths as artists and businessmen, although they are still shadowed by their pasts.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Gooey Graphics - T-Shirts for Sale and more....

Wassup ya'll, my folks got a clean website with super dope T-shirts for sale. They also do graphics for album covers, flyers, posters, etc....But you definitely gotta check out these shirts. The shirts are catchy and will definitely get attention from people.
website: http://gooeygraphics.com/t-shirts.php

If any artist would like music or thier album cover posted on the site email the following to gooeygraphics@gmail.com:
1. Album cover
2. tracks in mp3 format
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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Song for FREE DOWNLOAD - Money Aint Sh_t

Tonite we feature a track called "Money Aint Sh_t" featuring R&B artist Young Gentleman. The track is hot and was produced by Platinum Bound producer Remy Remaq. Download this track while we have it available on the blog.

M-Dash Featuring Young Gentleman – Money Aint Sh_t