Thursday, August 19, 2010

M-Dash "MySpace Promo" Video

Keep Smoke Alive Now On Sale at RAPBAY


18 Tracks Featuring:
The Game, Mistah F.A.B., The Jacka, Lee Majors, Husalah, Sean-T, Kobra Abysmal, Young Dru, Prohoezak, Stizon Skrilla, Young Moe, Tilt, PB, Boog, Marsh Nut & KMX

1. Cock Blockers (Feat. Prohoezak)
2. Pimp Musik (Feat. KMX & Lee Majors)
3. Girlfriend
4. Mainey Musik (Feat. Lee Majors)
5. Like What (Feat. Stizon Skrilla & Kobra Abysmal)
6. 1 Fo Da Mob (Feat. Husalah)
7. Im'ma Ridah (Feat. Prohoezak, Young Moe & Tilt)
8. Ignorant (Feat. Lee Majors)
9. It Goes Down (Feat. Prohoezak)
10. With I Didn't Have To (Feat. Young Dru)
11. Rap Game (Feat. PB)
12. Nobody But Me (Feat. Boog)
13. Fed Ex (Feat. The Game & Sean-T)
14. Dick Head Police
15. They Comin' (Feat. The Jacka)
16. All I Want (Feat. Marsh Nut & Tilt)
17. Mainey Musik Remix (Feat. Mistah F.A.B., Lee Majors, Stizon Skrilla & Kobra Abysmal)
18. Be Right There

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

M-Dash featured on 94.1FM KPFA

M-Dash recently visited 94.1FM KPFA to showcase some new material he is currently working on and keeping all the fans in the area updated on his progress. Stay tuned for an MP3 of the session.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"The Delicatessen" by Moeses Soulright The 2nd *************** Available Now ***************


1. I Know
2. The Gang feat Kotton, Skee and Des Real
3. Rock any Hometown
4. Hood Shit ya Know
5. Gone wit the Wind(exlusive prod by Has)
6. Hoe Season
7. All We Do ft Skee(exclusive prod by Unkle Sam)
8. Roots Reggae
9. Orpahns
10. Frequencies
11. Finger Paint
12. All You Can ft K’leone Rud Dog and Skee
13. 40 Oz Of Ocean ft Skee and Des Real
14. The Sco ft Family Tyz(Sik ,K’leone) and Skee(exclusive prod by Unkle Sam)
15. Cupcakin ft Young Rebz
16. Cold Pimpin (exclusive prod by Has)
17. The Story
18. One is the loneliest
19. Get Cha
20. In My Wallet(exclusive prod by No Sleep)
21. Fillmore Nights
22. Gone
23. Pea Coats ft Skee and Des Real
24. Mom’s Song

Bonus Tracks
25. Ain’t For You ft Skee and Des Real
26. Fuck Dem
27. Rest In Peace Rap

For the past twelve years, some of the most respected artists in the underground hip-hop world have been silently grooming a musical powerhouse from San Francisco by the name of Moeses Soulright The 2nd. Though he might sound new to you, Moeses, armed with one of rap music’s most distinctive voices has long been earning the respect of his predecessors and peers alike, A rich soulful delivery drives home poignant lyrics creating tracks that at once reach the streets as well as the ever-hard-to-please “backpack” scene., while never compromising even the slightest bit of integrity. With the long awaited release of “The Delicatessen”, his collaboration project with legendary dj ‘Mark 7’, 2010 promises to bring us a talent that is as a big as his story is. So prepare to catch up and watch, as we once again become fans of hip-hop.

The Delicatessen on iTunes
The Delicatessen on Amazon

Monday, March 22, 2010

M-Dash - Po Broke and Hungry (First Solo Album) Available on Amazon!!

click here to purchase M-Dash -
Po, Broke & Hungry

Moeses Soulright the 2nd - Hooks for Sale (for the low)

Moeses Soulright the 2nd is creating a huge buzz right now with his new project "The Delicatessen". He also has the fans and peers paying attention to the hooks he puts together, the hooks are always very catchy and alot of the hooks also have a melodic feel to them. Currently Moeses Soulright is selling hooks for the low. Down below is a collaboration of some of Moeses Soulright most popular hooks. For booking and contact:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Moeses Soulright the 2nd - The Delicatessen

Platinum Bound Artist Moeses Soulright the 2nd is ready to unleash his highly anticipated debut project "The Delicatessen". Representing San Francisco, Moeses Soulright is one of the hottest up and coming bay area artist and the fans have been eager to get their hands on his project. The Delicatessen is mixed by DJ Mark 7.
This dope release has 27 tracks on it and Moeses showcases nothing but dope lyrics and he does clean ass hooks. The cover is below...The Delicatessen will be available on ITUNES,, and more....



Official Video for "Bring It Back" off Teal Town Boyz - Playa Rae ft. M-Dash & Tekpot from Playa Rae on Vimeo.