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Review of Moeses Soulright's (bka Young Moe) "Delicatessen" Mixtape

Review of Moeses Soulright's (bka Young Moe) "Delicatessen" Mixtape


Review of "Delicatessen" Mixtape
Moeses Soulright II / Mixed by DJ Mark 7

Moeses Soulright the 2nd, or the artist formerly known as Young Moe, brings us his latest mixtape release entitled "Delicatessen", a long-awaited debut album from the rapper hailing from the 415/650 area. This introductory mixtape packs 27 track altogether, 3 of these being bonus tracks. The entire album mixed by the legendary DJ Mark 7, who's work is well known throughout the bay area rap network and beyond, blending each track intro the next with a smooth transition each time and adding a few shout outs from some of rap music's finest.

Moe pays homage to life and the streets through his gangsta-style hip-hop, with dusty jazz bar undertones and an rnb melodic pimp infusion.Tracks like " Fillmore Nights " and "Im Gone " show this albums smooth and smoky,black n mild jazz side.
Lyrical creativity is diplayed throughout the album..for example
on "Gone with the Wind" moe states

"...And they wonder how I acquire amazing stealth,
Emotion running like lava I aint afraid to melt
Constantly stomaching evil, like satans belt
......all my people be gangstas, I be saving hell,
I like them cats that aint afraid to tell me truth
......instead of ones who talk like they tryin to sell me shoes"

"Hoe Season" and "All We Do" featuring Skee has the team going hard on them hoes lettin' em know what's really up. "Roots Reggae" , "Fingerpaints" , and "Battle Raps" show the broad vocal pitch and range that Moe has , the rnb jazz influence giving the album a good balance.
While tracks like "All You Can" brighten the album with a glipse into lighter side of life and with an upbeat toe tapper..introducing a few of Moes associates K'Leone and Rud Dog.

"The Sco" allows you to get to know San Francisco a little better through the eyes of Family Tyz, and Skee, while producer Unkle Sam put together a backstreet banger for the trunk.
Young Rebz also makes an appearance on "Cupcakin" , a dark melodic song with Moe once again showing his versatility and Rebs bringing that Richmond-based heat.

The cadillac knocker of the album is "Cold Pimpin", a rumbler of a track produced by Has...Moe gives hoes the back hand and cold shoulder over a bumpin bassline without missing a beat.
"The Story" and "Mom's Song" reflects back on growing up, ambitions, and takes you a few steps in the shoes of Mr.Soulright..paying respects to his upbringing.
If I were to select a radio ready single from this album, I'd recommend you skip to track 18. "One is the Loneliest Number" the sample on the chorus fits perfectly with the uptempo jazzy hip-hop rolling instrumental, a catchy track bound to stick with you.

" Walked out the house, no ride..... so im walking alone,
in a city full of strangers... so I thought of this song,
....if you ever felt alone then this song is for you....
I had aggression but im letting it all out in the booth"

Prepare to lean back with "Peacoat in 100 Degrees" featuring Skee and Des Real, a solid slumper for the summer.
The 3 bonus tracks included are some of the best of the album. "Aint For You" is aimed at unravelling the ups and down of relationships. "Fuck Dem" Moe speaks on the real and fake in life...While "Rest in Peace Rap" rips into you and exposes the oversaturation of the rap genre with a deeply moving message.

I give this album a 9/10 overall...there are no perfect albums, but this does come relatively close. Offering a wide range of styles and sounds, topics and tempos...a well rounded reality-based release, and easily one of the better releases of 2009 so far.The production fits Moe's style and persona almost perfectly, I can play this album all the way through without having to skip a track, which is something I've only been able to do with less than 5 releases this year. Some may not be able to understand the depth of what Moe is speaking on during their first listen..leaving something new to be discovered with each listen.

If you aren't aware of who Moeses Soulright II is, this album will engrave his image into your memory. Be on the lookout for this album coming soon.

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